Let’s Talk about Fatherhood!

Dads come in all forms- birth, bonus, adoptive, single, co-parent, and others, but no matter the additional title, to the child, YOU ARE DAD.

So often, dads are overlooked and do not get the credit they deserve for the time and effort they put into developing the family. Here’s your chance to shine. We want to know your inspirational story. The hurdles you’ve overcome, the lessons learned, and the wonderful outcomes.

Whatever the experience, there is someone who can relate. Someone looking for answers and who needs to hear your story.

The question is…

Are you ready to share your fatherhood journey with the world?

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Your story will be included as one chapter in a book full of collective Dad stories.

This chapter is completely personalized by you.

You get to title it and, include a little piece of advice.

You never know who needs to hear it!

Benefits Of Your Partnership

An opportunity to become a Bestselling Author without writing an entire book.

Promotional and marketing graphics to use on social media and websites to boost personal sales.

A chance to network with your fellow co-authors.

Access to any events that surrounds this book.

Opportunity to leverage speaking engagements using the book.

Ready To Get Started


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What’s Included…

✔️5 paperback copies with the option to purchase additional copies at a wholesale price.

✔️Social media promotional graphic to gain attention and to help boost preorder sales.

✔️Personalized client portal to upload all documents in one safe space.

✔️Access to the publishing team for questions and support.

✔️Access to the private Facebook group to connect and collaborate with fellow co-authors.

✔️Best-seller’s campaign marketing material and coaching.

✔️Invited and interviewed during a virtual book tour (promo graphic included).

✔️Invitation to all events surrounding the project.


*Pay in full $499 or payment plan options available

Interested in being a contributor only?

Not ready to be a co-author but want to tell your story? 

Ask me about it.

Being a Dad can be a challenging, loving whirlwind of an experience, which is why your story needs to be heard.

Are you a traditional dad, a non-traditional dad, the dad of a differently-abled child, a bonus dad, or an adoptive dad? However you identify, other people want to hear about the beauty of your fatherhood journey and the evolution it has produced.

Who Is Patrice Sterling

Patrice Sterling is the author of the award-winning book, Taking My Life Back: A Family’s Story of Triumph from Transplant to Transformation and has authored three bestsellers. Most recently, she was the visionary of The Moms’ Truth: Authentic Stories of Motherhood, a best-selling anthology that explores the turmoil and successes of parenting.

Patrice is the founder of Twenty-Two Publishing, a company commissioned to tell the stories of families everywhere. She teaches and believes the Twenty-Two motto, Write Your Story, Write Your Legacy! She is committed to helping aspiring authors bring their stories from the pages of their hearts to the pages of their published books.  

Patrice has also been a Sickle Cell Disease advocate for 20+ years and is the CEO of Patrice Sterling Unlimited, helping families of children with chronic conditions.

She loves God, enjoys spending time with her husband and children, leading Praise and Worship at church, and family game nights.


How does it work?

Click on the above button and fill out the form. Pay the investment fee then you’ll receive a welcome email with more details about how and where to write your story. Our team will then review your submission for edits and final approval from you before publishing.

What should I write about?

We want to hear your story about Fatherhood. Share with us how being a dad has changed your life. Is there a pain point you’d like to talk about? Everyone does this parenting thing a little differently; let us know what lessons you’ve learned and what hurdles you’ve overcome. This book is a celebration of Fatherhood, formed from a collection of stories from a group of diverse Fathers.

What part of the book will my story be part of?

Each story will be one chapter in the book.

Can I promote the book myself?

Absolutely! We encourage you to promote the book to showcase your and the co-author’s amazing stories around Fatherhood.

Will I own the rights to my story?

YES, you will own and maintain the rights to your individual story. You can use it in another book. We only ask that you change the wording so it won’t read verbatim as the chapter in this project.