What My Clients Say About Me

An amazing story of LOVE!

“An amazing story of love, perseverance and courage that includes invaluable practical advice for those facing difficult situations… this book will provide many the hope and inspiration they need to meet life’s challenges.”


~ Kate D

This book gives ENCOURAGEMENT!

“For anyone going through a medical crisis, with a child, this book gives encouragement, education, and hope.”


~ Renee B

Patrice Sterling is a champion!

“Life’s challenges tend to arrive hand in hand with life’s champions. Patrice Sterling is a champion – for her son, for her family and, with the release of this book, for any person caring for a loved one contending with chronic disease…. Over the course of a health journey defined by pain and unpredictable hospital visits, the challenges and wins live alongside each other: a harrowing diagnosis unlocks incredible opportunities; disappointing hospital visits were met with Patrice’s unparalleled patient advocacy — and health heroes; moments of insensitivity and great tenderness co-exist in a strong community of support.”


~ Kate